Jun 14, 2012

Salt Soap - Sea Salt in CP Soap

Yesterday I made sea salt CP soap.

These are the oils I used: 80% coconut oil, 10% olive oil and 10% corn oil, with 20% superfat. I used SoapCalc Lye Calculator.
After light trace I added my essential oils: mint, rosemary and orange, and blue oxide for the blue swirl.
Then I added fine grain sea salt and used 1:1 ratio of sea salt to oils.
I poured my salt soap into various silicone molds and sprinkled it with some coarse sea salt.
I tried it the next day and it had a creamy lather.

Here are some salt CP soap recipes from lovely soapers around the world:

Salt Soap Tutorial by Ladybug Soapworks
Pretty in Pink: Salty Cold Process from SoapQueen
Salt Soaps from Adventures With The Sage
Salt Bars from LovinSoap


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I love how your salty hearts came out, they look beautiful. =)

    1. Thank you for your constant inspiration and your praise. I feel really honored you visited my blog :)

  2. I just came upon your blog through twitter and what a surprise to see my company mentioned! Thanks! I hope you like the salt bars, they are really one of my favorite soaps!

  3. Yes, I like the salt bars very much. Thank you for your post. It really helped me with my recipe.


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