Nov 29, 2011

How I made my Beer Soap

I recently made two batches of Beer CP Soap.

I used SoapCalc Lye Calculator to determine the exact amount of lye and water for my oils. For the first batch I used coconut, olive and palm oil, and for the second batch I used palm, coconut, corn and olive oil.
I used two brands of beer, so one is a little darker than the other.
They both smell like candy. One is scented with anise essential oil, and the other with lemon and orange essential oils.

I mixed beer with lye, and poured it in the oils, and then stirred the lye-beer-oil mixture with the stick blender, in short bursts.

After reaching trace, I poured the soap in my handmade wooden mold.

The whiter part is colored with white oxide.


Nov 8, 2011

Rubber Duckies

I bought some rubber duckies in preparation for a new soap.

I am not sure if I'll do this:

Or this:

In the meantime:

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